Why You Should Opt For LED Residential Lighting Perth?

LED technology has been used for decades, but led residential lighting Perth has recently become cheap and reliable enough to increase its popularity. Thanks to the benefits that start with energy efficiency to achieve almost all energy and longevity goals LED lights are environmentally and budget-friendly.

According to the energy departments, light-emitting diodes or LEDs are a solid-state lighting solution that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. LED lights do not need a broken glass bulb like traditional lights.

In addition, LED lights can be used everywhere: from sports arenas to industrial manufacturers to households. They work reliably and safely in various design applications. If this short list of benefits of LED lighting is enough to convince you, this is the solution to invest in.

Energy Efficiency

A standard 50W halogen bulb produces 90% of the electricity consumed for heat, with only 10% of the energy being converted into light. On the other hand, LED lights use only 15% of the energy consumed by standard halogens and provide 85% of the light output. And because they’re not heated, they reduce cooling costs and can be used in many places.

Long Life Span

Led residential lighting Perth has the advantage of much longer service life of up to 80,000 hours, which means you can reduce maintenance costs. LED bulbs are durable and last up to 8-10 times longer than conventional halogen bulbs, so they ideal replacements. LEDs are great if you have a hard-to-reach LED light source because you don’t have to bother replacing them often.

Improved Durability

LEDs are filament-free and do not contain glass components. LED lights are not as sensitive to vibration or damage as conventional light bulbs, making them an excellent solution for sports facilities, sports facilities, outdoor areas, etc. And because they do not emit heat, you can install them in many safe places.

Compact Size

LED lamps can be only 2 mm thick, making them ideal for hard-to-reach and compact spaces. The architectural elements of your home can be highlighted by LED lighting.

Fast Switching

The LED lights come on in full illumination immediately, so no extra lighting is needed. LED lights are an advantage because they turn on and off directly, making them ideal for flashing signs, traffic signals and car lights, compared to standard compact fluorescents that dim and flicker.


Safety is also one of the most integral benefits of LED lights as most LED lights operate at low voltage, so they are cool to the touch, much safer to install and maintain, and can be exposed to rain and snow.

Environmentally Friendly

The advantage of LED lights is that it is an ecological form of lighting because they do not contain mercury or other harmful gases and do not emit harmful UV radiation. For example, a 13w LED light emits 68% less CO2 than a typical 40w bulb that runs 10 hours a day.

Energy Savings= Reduced Utility Cost

You may not think that a light bulb contributes significantly to your total energy costs. But unlike lights, which you regularly use in places like your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, they consume a lot of energy due to the amount and time they are used. By reducing the overall energy consumption of your lighting, you can reduce ongoing energy costs.

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