What Are The Specifications Of the VY Commodore Alternator

If you’re working on a VY Commodore Alternator, you’ll want to ensure that you have a suitable alternator. The correct alternator can be a lifesaver if it’s not working correctly and will help keep your car running smoothly. If you don’t know what kind of alternator is in your car or what it does, this article will give you all the information you need.

Alternators are used to generate electricity for the car’s electrical system. It is an essential part of any car since it helps power all systems that rely on electricity. It can also charge a battery if you’re not driving.

Power: 90 Amp

When you’re shopping for an alternator, you’ll see that they are rated by the amount of current it can produce. It is called the alternator’s “power.” A 90 amp alternator is a good size for a VY Commodore and will work well to power all of your electrical systems while driving.

While it’s essential to understand this rating, it can be confusing when you compare different models because some companies use different units of measurement (amps versus watts). To avoid confusion, let’s stick with amps in this article, so we stay consistent with other sources.

A voltage rating means how much electricity an alternator produces at one time—it’s measured in volts. An AC Delco 90 Series comes with a 12-volt system.

VY Commodore AlternatorVoltage: 12 Volt

The voltage rating of an alternator is 12 volts. It is the standard voltage that most vehicles have, which means that you’re using a 12-volt alternator.

While many vehicles still run on 24-volt alternators, they are becoming less common as car manufacturers replace them with more efficient 12-volt alternators. 24 Volt Alternator A 24-volt alternator is a type of alternator that produces 24 volts on its own without having to be wired in with other components. This voltage rating is higher than the standard 12-volt rating, so it’s ideal for truck owners who need more power from their vehicles.

A 12-volt alternator is more efficient than any car battery or engine generator. It makes sense when you consider how much power these devices generate. The higher the voltage rating, the more energy a device can produce. So, if you’re looking for an alternator that can deliver a lot of power to your car or truck, you should consider buying one with a 24-volt rating.

An alternator can be anywhere from 50 to 100 times more efficient than a car battery. With a suitable alternator in your vehicle, you can get more power out of each charge than most people realize.

You might want to use a 12-volt alternator in your vehicle for many reasons. It’s more efficient than other alternators and can charge a battery faster, so you don’t have to wait as long for your car to start up when it needs power.

Clockwise Rotation

You can tell which direction the alternator is spinning by looking at it from the rear. If you are facing the car and the alternator is turning clockwise, it will be easier to access from underneath your vehicle. If your engine is facing forward, it will be easier to access from above. If the alternator is spinning clockwise, the back will be facing you if you look at it from behind. If your car engine is facing forward, the front of the alternator will be facing up.

The main specifications for this particular alternator are:

  • Voltage: 12 Volts DC (volts direct current)
  • Amps: 80 Amps
  • Rotation: Clockwise when viewed from behind

If you want to replace your VY alternator, we recommend getting an aftermarket brand like this one. You’ll need a socket wrench, pliers, electrical tape and wire strippers/cutters (scroll down on this page ).

They also recommend buying distilled water to flush out any corrosion inside your system once everything has been replaced or repaired correctly. It will help prevent any problems with decay affecting anything else within that area or its vicinity!

Alternators are generators that build up electrical current from the movement of your vehicle. It is why it’s essential to have a good alternator in your car when you drive. If your alternator starts to fail or breaks down completely, there can be some severe consequences, such as not being able to create your engine or, even worse, having a fire while driving!

Clutch Pulley

The VY alternator has a clutch pulley. A clutch pulley is a drive pulley driven by the alternator to power its accessories. The water pump, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump are all driven by this pulley. It is not available on the V6 models of this car, as they have electric fans instead of belt-driven cooling systems.

The purpose of the alternator is to produce electrical current at higher voltages than your battery. This current then gets stored in your battery until it’s needed for powering headlights or other electrical devices such as power windows and door locks (to name just two). The alternator is a component that generates electricity in your car’s engine.

It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery for future use. The rotation of your engine powers the alternator, so if you’re driving at highway speeds, this device will continue to generate voltage even if you turn off your headlights or other accessories (such as air conditioning).

The alternator is found on the front of the engine, usually attached to a pulley that turns with the crankshaft. It’s a significant component and can easily be identified by size and location.

The alternator is a generator that uses magnets to produce electrical current. It’s driven by the crankshaft, which turns as your engine runs. The current produced by the alternator charges your battery and powers all of your electrical devices, including headlights and power windows.

A VY V6 Alternator A Great Thing To Have

A VY V6 alternator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Alternators are used in cars, boats and other vehicles to charge the battery, which powers the engine’s electrical systems, such as lights, stereo systems and wipers. Alternators can also power other electrical equipment like fans or winches.

Alternators are usually connected to the vehicle’s drive belt, so they run when the car runs. It makes them useful because they do not need to be recharged or replaced as often as batteries would have to be if they were providing power directly from them.

Alternators are also used with solar panels and wind turbines for electrical power systems. They can be used to recharge batteries or power equipment directly, but they are not as efficient as the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels and wind turbines.

Alternators are an essential part of any vehicle’s electrical system. They provide power when you need it most and help keep your battery charged so you can enjoy all the benefits of a fully functioning electrical system.


We hope that this guide has helped you to have a better understanding of the VY Commodore alternator. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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