What Are The Benefits Of Live Blood Analysis?

live blood analysis Melbourne

What Are The Benefits Of Live Blood Analysis?

Blood tests have long been used to ensure that you have a disease, but they have also been used to make sure that you have a disease. live blood analysis Melbourne is a newer method that uses a special microscope to show real-time images of samples that are still alive. Haematic changes can be found to be grouped to make a faster and more accurate diagnosis. Because the process is so simple, follow-up appointments can be used to check the effectiveness of treatments for the condition that was found to be the case. Live haematic testing has been very good at spotting many things that would be hard to find otherwise.

How Live Blood Analysis Working?

The process is quite very simple and can be done during a visit, letting the patient be a part of the process. A dark-field microscope is used to look at a test sample taken from the patient’s fingertip. Because it doesn’t need to be lit up, a dark-field microscope shines its light from the sides of the test sample. It sends the picture to a monitor so that you can see platelets and other small particles move in real-time.

In What Ways Can Live Analysis Help You Find Out About Health Issues?

Usually, the body’s blood changes first, but stained slides can’t show most of these changes. Conditions can be diagnosed based on their symptoms, but this isn’t always true. In the past, doctors used invasive and dangerous procedures, like biopsy and different types of X-rays, to get a clear answer about what was wrong. Some of the conditions that can be easily seen with live Analysis are:

Oxidative Stress

This is a condition that shows a lot of free radicals caused by toxins in food and the environment and a lack of antioxidants in the food we eat. Oxidative stress can cause cell damage, leading to heart disease and many types of cancer.

live blood analysis Melbourne

The Ratio Of Essential Fatty Acids In Your Body

Fatty acids are a big part of many long-term inflammatory conditions, like pelvic inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and heart disease. Omega-6 fats are used to make hormones that cause inflammation, and omega-3 fats are used to make hormones that fight inflammation. Both are important, but an imbalance favoring omega-6 fats is very common and bad for your health.

Allergy vs. Infection

Symptoms are usually general and can be found in many different illnesses. Most show the body’s immune system going on the attack, but it can take weeks for traditional lab tests to determine if an infection is to blame. Live Analysis is a quick way to tell if allergies or infections cause your symptoms. This is very important both from a treatment point of view and from epidemiologists.

Impaired Liver Function

Anyone who has tried to lose weight and failed is likely having a problem that can’t be seen. It could be a lack of nutrition or a problem with the liver. The liver is in charge of every hormone in the body. It causes the hormones that cause fat to be released. Dieters may try to fix problems with the liver by trying different things, but live blood analysis Melbourne is faster.


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