Purpose And Risks Of Holter Monitor Test Sydney

Purpose And Risks Of Holter Monitor Test Sydney

Holter monitor test Sydney is the first and most widely used form of ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring. As with all other types of ECG monitoring, the primary purpose of the Holter monitoring study is to evaluate cardiac function outside the clinical setting — that is, as a person goes about their daily activities. Suppose a person has a Holter monitoring study. In that case, they wear a monitoring device for 24 or 48 hours. The ECG recorded is later monitored to detect any cardiac disturbances that may occur during the monitoring and any symptoms of cardiac ischemia. Holter monitor studies effectively diagnose cardiac arrhythmias as long as they happen with adequate frequency. The test is very safe.

Purpose of the Test

There are many types of cardiac arrhythmias. They can produce various symptoms and vary significantly in their therapeutic value and treatment. Therefore, if a person is suspected of having an arrhythmia, it is essential to diagnose the exact type of arrhythmia to determine what needs to be done about it. This means that arrhythmia should be taken from the ECG.

However, most cardiac arrhythmias occur abnormally and entirely unexpectedly — and usually only last a short time. The chances of catching one of these rare or transient infections while the healthcare provider is recording a normal ECG (recording heart rate for only 12 seconds) are very low.

In addition, the symptoms caused by arrhythmias can only last a short time. When a person with symptoms can go to the clinic for an ECG recording, the symptoms (and the resulting arrhythmia) are usually gone.

Holter Monitor was developed to deal with the problem of identifying abnormal or transient cardiac arrhythmias. By recording each long-term heartbeat while the person performs their daily activities, experiencing one of these temporary arrhythmia symptoms is significantly increased.

Risks and Contradictions

Holter surveillance research is almost harmless, except for a slight chance of skin irritation at the electrode placement site. Holter research is not always the best type of ambulance ECG monitoring. If there is good reason to believe that the arrhythmia you are trying to diagnose is so uncommon that it is unlikely to occur in any 24-48 hour period. It is a different type of emergency ECG monitoring that can be used for weeks and should be considered.

Before the Test

Knowing these details before testing can help alleviate any fears or anxieties.

  • Time

Your healthcare provider and you will decide together on a good time for testing. Almost any time of 24-48 hours will suffice, but it is best to choose a time when you are not traveling, and do not plan water-based activities or activities that will keep you wet.

  • Location

You have to go through an outpatient facility. Usually, your Holter monitor test Sydney is conducted by a specialist in a local hospital. This only takes a few minutes. You can return to the exact location to remove Holter at the end of the test, but many Holter labs now use delivery resources to take the record to your home once the test is complete.

  • Other Preparations

You can eat and drink the way you used to drink before the test and use your regular medication.

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