Monitor And Control Your Battery System With The Victron BMS

With the increase in technology, there is also an increase in efficiency. The use of solar power has been on the rise because it harnesses the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity. Solar panels convert this energy into usable electricity but require a battery management system (BMS) to work correctly. You can find many types of BMSs in the market today, but only a few will be able to provide you with what you need. One such device is victron BMS.

Victron Energy BMS is a battery protection system that controls and monitors each block of your battery. It will optimize the performance of your solar / wind energy by monitoring and controlling the power flow between the batteries, inverters, chargers and solar charging devices. The main benefit is that it can work with almost any battery or battery bank. It is also effortless to install and does not require special tools. This product offers a wide range of features that make it stand out from its competitors.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in this revolutionary technology:


The Vic BMS is the most reliable battery management system available. It’s been used in applications ranging from solar-powered boats and cars to remote monitoring stations and LED lighting systems.

It has a long lifespan because of its exceptional quality. The components are designed for heavy use and will continue working for years with minimal maintenance. This makes it easy to install: there are no moving parts that can break down over time like in other products on the market today!


If a fault occurs, the system will shut down immediately to prevent the occurrence of damage. This shuts down is called a ‘failsafe’. If the failsafe does not occur, there is still an automatic restart in case of an overload or short circuit.

The BMS has three different modes: “normal mode”, “automatic restart mode”, and “manual accessible chassis”. When you start up your system for the first time after installation, it will be in normal mode, which means that it will automatically restart after an event or fault has been cleared.

In case of any fault on the DC side, such as loss of connection between solar panels and batteries, disconnection from network or power outage during charging cycles, it will enter into Automatic Restart Mode (ARMD). Stopping all possible charging/discharging operations until the user performs manual intervention to clear faults condition manually.
victron bms

Easy Installation

It is easy to install and use, so you don’t need special training or experience to get started. Even if you’re not an expert in the field of electrical engineering, this system can be set up by anyone with basic technical knowledge. Furthermore, it’s very easy to maintain and upgrade over time.

Remote Monitoring And Control With The Victron Battery Monitor

With remote monitoring and control, you can monitor the status of your system from anywhere in the world. This ensures that you are notified if something goes wrong with your installation.

You can also use the victron battery monitor to change settings on your system remotely or even start it up or shut it down at any time. You can also monitor multiple systems from one place, making it very easy to view them simultaneously.

The advantages don’t stop there, though! With our optional historical data feature, you’ll be able to see how much power your system has used over time to know precisely when there have been issues with power consumption.

Wireless Smart Communication

Wireless communication is available on all Vic BMS products, allowing you to monitor and control your solar array from anywhere in the world. This can be done through an internet browser or a dedicated interface like the VE. Direct app for smartphone and tablet devices. Wireless communication allows you to:

  • Monitor your solar array remotely
  • Control your solar array remotely

It Can Be Used For Whatever Application You Have.

It can be used for anything you need it to. It is versatile, easy to use, and easy to install. The BMS has many features that make it great for any application you have in mind.

  • Vic BMS for the solar power system manages the array size and prevents overcharging. It also protects from loss of monitoring and shutdowns in case of unsafe conditions. Wind turbines provide energy accounting and control functions. Monitoring the voltage, current, charge time and status of each battery cell is a very important feature of Vic BMS solar inverters. You can set charging and discharging parameters according to your battery type and usage requirements.
  • The Victron marine BMS is resistant to salt water and corrosion. The electrical system components must also be durable enough to withstand the salty environment without erosion or pitting. The BMS can withstand temperature fluctuations as low as -40˚C and up to +85˚C+. It can withstand vibrations caused by waves or large ships passing nearby. Vibrations can cause damage if they are too strong. So any electronics connected to the power bus must be tactilely mounted, so they don’t vibrate loose or fall off completely if shaken too much by rough seas or high winds, for example.

The Vic BMS will help you get the most out of your investment by providing accurate performance information and allowing you to remotely monitor and control your system via a web browser or smartphone app. You can also enjoy automatic self-diagnostics that would enable you for maintenance-free operation. If a fault occurs, an alert will notify you so that you can fix it before it becomes an issue in the first place!


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of Vic BMS and its importance to your battery system. It has many features make it easy to use, reliable and safe.

If you have any questions about the benefits of using one on your boat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Deep Cycle Systems today!

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