Know About the Types and Philosophies of Trauma Recovery Sydney

Know About the Types and Philosophies of Trauma Recovery Sydney

Trauma recovery Sydney programs help people suffering from trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or sexual addiction/compulsion. Such people may also be dependent on chemicals and may have ongoing mental health problems. Some patients go through a trauma recovery program after completing their addiction treatment and have relapsed. Studies have shown a high rate of relapse among patients in traditional addiction treatment who also have PTSD, unresolved sexual harassment, or compulsive behavior. Therefore, the trauma rehabilitation program serves an important purpose in addressing the needs of marginalized people – most of whom are women.


Types of Trauma

According to trauma experts, trauma is physical or psychological, and most fall into one of three categories:


  • Single Intense Event

This traumatic event is a one-time traumatic event beyond human ability to eradicate. Such incidents may include a car / industrial accident, robbery, or other acts of kidnapping, robbery, personal violence, rape, serious health threat, natural disasters, and terrorism.


  • Repeated, Continuous Events

This type of trauma can persist indefinitely or longer and may recur. Such incidents may include serious physical or mental negligence, sexual or physical abuse, violence against others, chronic illness or comprehensive medical procedures, prisoners of war, military combat, harassment, kidnapping, or other forms of abduction.


trauma recovery Sydney
  • Combination

Trauma in this category includes recurrent and continuous trauma with significant traumatic events in a single event and may occur simultaneously or be separated for a long time. The stress associated with traumatic events requires a lot of coping strategies. They develop psychological defences to help them cope with stress, but this comes with severe punishment. Over time, even after trauma may pass for a long time, the mind has not been able to reconcile trauma with self-consciousness. Without professional treatment, such individuals may be unable to function normally, as they have been stuck in the past with these unresolved painful memories.


Trauma Rehabilitation Programs Help Deal With Emotional Trauma

Unresolved emotional trauma can be devastating even to the one who works best. Symptoms of trauma often include the following:

  • Lost or split time episodes
  • Despair or despair
  • Humiliation
  • Isolation from others
  • A deep feeling of abandonment or loss
  • Desiring to hurt yourself
  • Loss of sense of life or a sense of purpose
  • A sense of self-image
  • Feeling isolated from others or feeling emotionally numb
  • Chronic fatigue, insomnia, fatigue, loss of interest in normal activities
  • Persistent anger or resentment
  • Poor pressure control


Each medical centre operates according to its philosophy. Most include a more sophisticated approach to treating trauma, such as sexual compulsion, substance abuse clinics, gambling, diet, co-occurrence, or mental health problems. Also, many medical facilities specialize in many types of addiction and may include trauma rehabilitation programs as part of other addiction treatment programs. Therefore, the medical field may have a broader philosophy that governs treatment. Professionals help people to rehabilitate themselves from different events using trauma recovery Sydney.

The treatment centre may use a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to help deal with the symptoms of PTSD, adult sexual or non-sexual abuse, and various compulsive behaviours. They may use alternative therapies, such as:


  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Natural presentations of psychological teaching
  • Integrated therapies
  • Family approaches are approaching
  • Sycho-pharmacological intervention
  • Experience treatment

Patients discover personal emotional facts about fear, trust, and reliance on medical tools, including equine-assisted therapies (EAT), psychodrama, and adventure therapy.

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