Builders Trailer – Your Ultimate Guide to Tandem Trailers for Sale

Working in construction, you understand the significance of having high-quality tools and machinery. Having a sturdy tandem trailer is a must. In need of a reliable and effective trailer for their job, building firms, landscapers, and even individual workers often go for a builders trailer.

In our comprehensive guide, find out where to buy construction trailers in Brisbane and what other factors you should consider when shopping for a tandem trailer.

To begin, let’s define a Tandem Trailer

Compared to a trailer with just one axle, this design significantly increases the load capacity, stability, and weight distribution.

So Why Pick a Tandem Trailer?

Using a tandem trailer has several advantages. A builders trailer in Brisbane is the best option for your company.

  • Increased carrying capacity – Because of their extra axle, tandem trailers can haul more weight than their single-axle counterparts. This quality makes it an excellent choice for transporting big or bulky objects, such as building supplies, tools, and machinery.
  • Strengthening Stability – Thanks to its two wheels, a tandem trailer’s increased stability is instrumental at high speeds or while traversing uneven terrain. With this safety feature, the trailer is less likely to topple over, protecting your goods and vehicle.
  • Durability – To prevent wear and tear, tandem trailers are constructed from robust materials. This means you may put thousands of miles on your trailer before worrying about replacing any parts.

Tandem Trailer For Sale; Where to look for?

There are several alternatives available for acquiring a tandem trailers for sale in Brisbane. Whether you are searching for a new or used trailer, there are numerous dealers and manufactures to select from. Here is a list of various options to assist you in finding the best tandem trailer for your requirements:

The Advantages of Using Online Classifieds

Start your search for a tandem trailer on online classifieds like Gumtree and eBay. Listings are available for perusal, pricing comparison, and direct communication with sellers for queries or to set up viewings.


These companies provide expert guidance and customer service to simplify selecting the ideal trailer.

Prohibited Public Displays

Private sales may be less formal than buying from a dealership, but you should still do your homework to ensure you’re receiving a good trailer.

How to Pick the Right Tandem Trailer

It’s essential to keep a few things in mind while looking for a builders trailer in Brisbane. The following are some crucial qualities to search for:

  • Holding Capacity – Ensure the trailer’s maximum weight capacity is enough for your requirements. Too many goods on a trailer may be dangerous and cause severe damage in the event of an accident.
  • Size – What you need to haul around determines how big a trailer you’ll need. Find a trailer that can fit the dimensions of your goods, including their length, breadth, and height.
  • Durability – Pick a tandem trailer constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminum to guarantee it will last many years of hard usage.
  • Protective Measures – Brakes, lights, and reflective tape are safety measures you should inspect to verify your trailer is roadworthy and legal.
  • Sort of Hitch – It’s crucial to think about the trailer’s hitch while shopping for a tandem trailer. A ball hitch is one kind, while a pintle hitch is another. The most often used and adaptable hitch type is the ball hitch. Heavy-duty pintle hitches are designed for towing huge trailers.
  • Vehicle for Pulling Trailers – Make sure the tandem trailer you’re interested in is within the towing limit of your car. You need a vehicle that can pull your trailer and its load without problems.
  • Price – Prices for tandem trailers range from moderate to high, based on factors like length, width, and the number of amenities included. Think about how much money you have and choose a trailer that won’t break the bank.

When looking for a builders trailer in Brisbane, there are several other qualities to consider in addition to those already stated. Some campers, for instance, include a hydraulic or electric braking system, which adds an extra layer of security and control while stopping or slowing down. On the other hand, some trailers incorporate ramps on either the side or the back to simplify transporting bulky things.

Some may include an independent suspension system for a more comfortable ride and enhanced maneuverability.

You should also give some thought to the tires that come with your tandem trailer. Heavy-duty tires, including those with a high load index and speed rating, are crucial for efficient and reliable performance.

It would help if you looked into various manufacturers and types to discover a builders trailer in Brisbane that fits your requirements. Consider looking at consumer feedback or consulting with people you know for advice.

In addition, think about the dealer’s or manufacturer’s warranty and the assistance you’ll get after the transaction.


A builders trailer in Brisbane is an essential tool for anybody working in the building sector. Think about your hauling needs, towing vehicle, budget, and peace of mind while shopping for a tandem trailer. Your company needs a reliable tandem trailer to maximize productivity, security, and profits.

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