Benefits Of Having Label Forward Peg Set

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The 3 bottle label forward peg set is a must-have for any retailer who wants to maximise the visibility of their products. With this unique design, shoppers can easily read the labels of each product and make an informed purchasing decision.

MaximisesThe Frontal And Label Viewing For Better Shopper Visibility

The 3 bottle label forward peg set allows you to maximise the frontal and label viewing for better shopper visibility. The mounting holes allow for secure placement of the pegs. So, you don’t need to worry about them falling off when customers pick up their products from the rack or shelf.

The three-bottle label forward peg set comes in black, yellow or transparentcolours.So, you can choose whichever fits best with your store’s design aesthetic and theme.

The bottles are made of PET plastic and have a capacity of 750ml. They’re also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them in your store’s dishwashing area. The 3 bottle label forward peg set comes with 24 pegs.This means you’ll have plenty to use on the slat wall or peg board.

Peg Faces Forward To Maximize Shelf Space

This design also helps with customer retention and satisfaction since it eliminates frustration when locating the right product in a store. The front-facing bottles make it, so people don’t have to turn every bottle around just to read what’s on them. They can just pick up one item at a time instead!

The 3-bottle label forward peg set is a great way to help your customers find what they need in your store. This design allows for easy reading of labels and product information. Products are easier to shop and purchase by customers because everything is more accessible. As a result, this design helps with customer retention and satisfaction since it eliminates frustration when locating the right product in a store.

Label Forward Design Makes It Easier For Consumers To Read And Shop

The label-forward design makes it easier for consumers to read and shop.When you’re looking at products, the last thing you want to do is turn them around in your hands. The label-forward design means that product information can be viewed without turning the product around. This is particularly useful when comparing similar products or shopping online, where viewing multiple product images may not be possible.

In addition, the label forward design ensures that labels are visible from all angles. Not just face-on or back-on views as with traditional brands. This helps shoppers compare products more quickly when making purchasing decisions. They don’t have to rotate every item individually until they can see each side’s details at once.

With the label-forward design, you can quickly see the essential information for a product without having to turn it around or view it from multiple angles. This makes it easier for consumers to compare similar products and make informed purchasing decisions.

Peg Can Be Used On Peg Board, Slat Wall Or Solid Surface

The peg has mounting holes that allow for secure placement of the peg on the display surface. We can use it on a peg board, slat wall or solid surface.

The 1 Bottle Label Forward Peg set is made of plastic and is available in three colours: white, black and red. The pegs feature a polished finish, making them look great when placed side by side with other pegs.

The Bottle Label Forward Peg is a great way to keep your bottles in place. You can use it to display beer, wine and liquor bottles on a wall or pegboard. The set has three pegs so that you can display three bottles at once.

Mounting Holes Allow For Secure Placement Of Peg On The Display Surface

Holes are also not just for mounting the peg. The holes can be used to hang the peg from display surfaces.This allows for quick and easy removal of the peg. This also enables you to move the peg around during your event or packaging.

You can use any board or display surface that will work with our three-bottle label forward pegs. An excellent way to test is by placing one of our pegs on whatever surface you would like to use, then place one of your bottles on top of it. If they don’t fit together well and feel secure, try another board/display surface until you find something that works well!

The 3 Bottle Label Forward Peg Set Is The Best Way To Get Products Off The Shelves And Into The Hands Of Consumers

The peg faces forward to optimise shelf space and makes it easier for consumers to shop. The pegs can be used on peg board, slat wall, or solid surface with mounting holes allowing for secure placement of pegs on your display surface.


The 2 bottle label forward peg set is one of the best ways to get products off the shelves and into the hands of consumers. It maximises shelf space, making it easier for consumers to shop while allowing them to see more products. The peg faces forward so shoppers can easily read what they want and put it back when they’re done shopping!


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